Hey, my name is Colby Sullivan, I am the owner of Raider Country Lawn Care.  Raider Country Lawn Care was established in 2013 by me and my best friend Joey.  We both graduated from Navarre High (Aka. our business name Raider Country Lawn Care). We we first started lawn care we had an old Murray push mower with wobbly wheels, and a corded Black and Decker weed eater Joey found on the side of the road.  With those tools and a push broom we were ready to start our lawn care empire. With our trusted push mower we could mow a whole 4 yards a day (If we had the energy of course). We would ride our bikes around passing out flyers.  I was to cheap to spend gas money haha with my old 84 chevrolet.

After a while, Joey began to start to take classes at votek, and I started college classes, so we had a conflict of scheduling. I continued to mow while taking college classes and I would work on my days off. I graduated in 2019 from UWF and decided I was going to do Lawn Care and Landscaping full time. I was just recently married to my wife in November of 2018. We rode out of our wedding on my zero turn like a good redneck family.

God has blessed my business from day one, just by sticking to His principles. We now have commercial zero turns, trimmers, saws, and we just recently purchased a dump trailer in 2018.  I am super excited to be growing the business and I look forward to growing my business in the Navarre area.

We are local, licensed, and insured. 

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