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Mulch / Rock / Pinestraw

in Navarre, Gulf Breeze and Mary Esther!

Mulch is great for garden beds with plants that require frequent trimming during the year, and makes it easier to clean out the beds. Usually mulch is guaranteed for a year of color. 

Rock is great for  beds that have slow growth plants in them and that require little maintenance.Although landscape rock is heavier and more expensive than other types of ground cover, it does not decompose and thus does not have to be replaced. In addition, the weight of the rock prevents it from being blown away in the wind or scattered by animals. We install our rock with a heavy duty weed barrier so that it requires the least maintenance of all materials.

Pinestraw: One of the low cost options for garden beds is pinestraw. It can usually be thinned out more requiring less material. Pinestraw is great for areas that need seasonal color and areas with high amounts of oak leaves. Oak leaves blend in with the pinestraw.

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